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To Remake or Not To Remake

Ghostbusters: 1984 v 2016

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers In 1984, life in New York City was in paranormal peril. Until four unlikely heroes take on those that had decided to change the world as they knew it. In 2016, the Ghostbusters returned to save the people of Manhattan, only this time the faces have changed. So, we ask …

To Remake or Not To Remake

Carrie: 1976 v 2013

              WARNING: This review contains spoilers. In 1974, Stephen King graced our bookshelves with his first twist on the coming-of-age story by writing Carrie. Making every girl reminiscent about her first period.  Two years later, it made it to the silver screen for the first time – casting Sissy Spacek in the lead role. A …

To Remake or Not To Remake

The Evil Dead: 1981 v 2013

WARNING: The following review contains spoilers               In 1981, Sam Raimi made the decision to turn what was once a college project into a feature length horror film. Set in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, Raimi’s work epitomises one of the key features of any horror film: Isolation.  The story of ‘final boy’ …


Holiday Blues

As they stood on their balcony, watching the sun go down over the city, he wrapped his arm around her waist. With a relaxed sigh, she placed her head on his strong shoulder as he gently stroked her side and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. Everything felt so perfect, and speechless they stood …

To Remake or Not To Remake

The Lion King: 1994 v 2019

WARNING: This review contains spoilers In 1994, Disney added to their movie portfolio with a film that really does follow the old adage: there is no such thing as an original idea. The Lion King retells the story of Hamlet, but set in the animal kingdom. As a 90’s child, growing up this was one …

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