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To Remake or Not To Remake

Get Carter 1971 vs 2000

WARNING: This Review May Contain Spoilers Based on the book Jack Returns Home, I bring you another battle of the revenge story. This time it’s English versus American, brother avenging brother and it’s time to find out who did it better. Different Setting                 Typical of remakes, where the film is set seems to depend …

If We Prequels Have Offended

The Birth of Ouija

WARNING: This Review May Contain Spoilers I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that Ouija: Origin of Evil is the prequel to the 2014 film Ouija just from its title but are these films connected in any other way? Let’s see… Just a Silly Game                 I guess this is where all these kinds of stories start, …


Killer Kids

WARNING: This Article May Contain Spoilers So it was mentioned to me by a reader of this blog that they are not a massive fan of children in horror films but I’ve noticed something. Killer children don’t just reside in the horror genre, so let’s take a look at these miniature menaces that took murder …


Alan Rickman (1946-2016)

Born: 21st February 1946 Died: 14th January 2016 (69 years) With a screen career that spanned nearly 40 years, Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman started his acting career on stage being awarded a scholarship to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) at the age of 26. Yet it wasn’t until he was 42 that he made …


Ode to 2016

When a celebrity dies There are cries of “Oh no!”, “Who?” or the main one in my house “I thought they were already dead” You can normally expect another one to be announced within the week But why do we feel such a loss for certain people? Let’s look back at the worst year in …

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