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All The World's A Stage

English Horror

WARNING: This Article May Contain Spoilers I’m sure we all know that the English are famous for their horror films – as Hammer Horror started in London. Now I could write a whole article just on that, but I won’t (or will I?) Instead I want to talk about other home grown films, some that …


The Beautiful Game – Penalties

this article contains spoilers Hooliganism noun violent or rowdy behaviour by young troublemakers Who can forget the scenes of fans swarming towards and fighting their way past the stewards at Wembley stadium before the Euro 2020 final? Maybe not what some would classify as hooliganism when you look back through footballing history but just look …


Dame Margaret Rutherford (1892-1972)

Born: 11th May 1892 Died: 22nd May 1972 (aged 80) As you will know my main modus operandi for these things is to look at an actors top five worldwide box office films and then talk about my favourite film of theirs. Unfortunately, as I have found out, that’s not always possible, I don’t know …


The Beautiful Game: The FA Cup

WARNING: This Article May Contain Spoilers The FA Cup is the reason most foreign players come to England to play football – there are few competitions where topflight, non-league and amateur teams can compete together. Starting in 1871-72, its history alone is probably the most special thing about it let alone the romance of the …

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