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Fatal Fall

Her foot slipped, she started to fall. Nothing that had happened to her throughout her life could match how terrified she was at this very moment. Whatever scared her before, now paled in comparison.                 The wind swept in front of her face, as she hurtled towards the ground. In her panic, her mind fluttered …


Holiday Blues

As they stood on their balcony, watching the sun go down over the city, he wrapped his arm around her waist. With a relaxed sigh, she placed her head on his strong shoulder as he gently stroked her side and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. Everything felt so perfect, and speechless they stood …


Love Never Dies

They sat peacefully in the garden. Her dressing gown lay draped over her favourite chair. It used to give her a clear view of all the wonderful flowers they planted together. Her basket still sat on the table where she worked. They felt as though they could not move a thing, fearing it would erase …

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