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The Planet Of The Apes: A Social Commentary

WARNING: This Article Contains Spoilers                 Imagine a world where humans are further down the food chain than they are today. A desolate planet, hunted by our simian brothers. Watch Planet of the Apes, and you no longer need to picture it in your mind. Both the 1968 and 2005 films gives different visions of …

If We Prequels Have Offended

The Thing

Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers Antarctica, 1982. Two teams in the snowy wasteland end up set upon by the same monster in the midst of winter (but I guess it always is in Antarctica right?). I originally looked at these films in order to contest whether it was worth the remake – which ended up …

To Remake or Not To Remake

Rec v Quarantine

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers In 2007, we were introduced to reporter Angela Vidal, a reporter for ‘While You’re Sleeping’, as she shadowed the firemen of Barcelona. The night soon became one that she would never forget. In 2008, the Americans decided to tell her story once again, but in the city of Los Angeles. …


Fatal Fall

Her foot slipped, she started to fall. Nothing that had happened to her throughout her life could match how terrified she was at this very moment. Whatever scared her before, now paled in comparison.                 The wind swept in front of her face, as she hurtled towards the ground. In her panic, her mind fluttered …

To Remake or Not To Remake

Beauty and the Beast: 1991 v 2017

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers In 1991, Disney introduced us to their fifth princess, Belle of Villenueve, and taught us that beauty is never only skin-deep. This also ended up being one of the first films that they remade in the 21st Century. Openings                 Understandably, both openings are reasonably different – as one is …

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