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Dystopian Future

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers I think this is something we all dread, a future that isn’t all bright and cheery. A lot of the films I’ve covered for this article I’m sure will touch home with a lot of the fears that are affecting us now, let alone the fears they had for …

To Remake or Not To Remake

OldBoy 2003 vs 2013

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers If you were locked in a room for nearly two decades with no explanation – what would you do? The following review will explain the comparisons between exactly this and the reactions of Oh Dae-Su and Joseph Doucett in each version of OldBoy. Reference to the Title                 It is …

To Remake or Not To Remake

Point Break 1991 vs 2015

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers When robbery meets extreme sports, there’s no telling what could go wrong. In 1991, we hit the waves with Johnny Utah in his pursuit of ‘The Presidents’ but little did we know, he was to resurface in 2015 with the thrills turned up a notch. All Too Convenient                 Something …

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