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Once More Unto The Breach: Sequels

Scream Quadrilogy

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers                 With the news of an upcoming fifth instalment of the Scream franchise, the first since Wes Craven’s passing, I have taken the time to look back over the original trilogy and the fourth film that followed 11 years later. Body Count                 Something that is key to the ‘slasher’ …


Frank Miller’s Sin City

WARNING: This Article Contains Spoilers Everyone’s home town has stories of their own, I’m sure, but none would be as interweaving as those of Basin City and her residents. In 2005, Frank Miller’s graphic novel was brought to our screens by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and himself. This was then followed 9 years later by …

To Remake or Not To Remake

Ju-On vs The Grudge

WARNING: This Review Contains Spoilers Nirami, Tokyo. A murdered family leads to a cursed home. In 2002, Takashi Shimizu brought us the third instalment of his Ju-On series with The Grudge. It is interesting that in 2004, it is this film he chooses to remake instead of starting from the beginning. Was it the right …

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