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As this is the first of the Eternals actors I’ll be talking about, I just want to say that actually had never heard of the character Ajak before, or any of the others to be completely honest. In a way I’m glad because it meant that I had no prior judgements on what I expected any of the characters to look like. Of course, as a Salma Hayek fan, I loved that the fact that she was cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (probably won’t be the last time I say something like that though…)

Once Upon a Time In Mexico

                Truthfully, I was a little let down by quite how small Salma’s role is in the grand scheme of things. True, it’s bigger than it could’ve been considering the fact that the audience is told so early that her character is dead (please heed the spoiler warning at the beginning of this article) but it’s a shame that she only really has four or five scenes in total. Most of them are flashbacks, and she only speaks in two of them. However, in true Robert Rodriguez style, her opening scene is absolutely bad ass!

From Dusk Till Dawn

                Robert Rodriguez must love Salma Hayek, as this is the second film of his to feature in this article. Truthfully, I remembered her role lasting much, much longer than it actually does (yes, I have seen this film several times). She has one line and a mini speech but that’s it. However, there is a lot of power to her character – and I’m not just talking sexually. From the moment her character, Santanico Pandamonium (named for a band that Rodriguez loves), is introduced, snake and all, she has power over the room and everybody in it. It is almost as if the carnage that ensues, following her opening dance, is started by simple facial expression.

Like a Boss

                Firstly, I just want to say that this is the second Tiffany Haddish film I’ve watched – and I absolutely loved it!!! Her attitude towards friendship is a breath of fresh air because it is never all about a man. Anyway, back to the point. Salma’s character of Clara Luna is mental…you start out liking her but I feel like you go through the same feelings towards her as Mia and Mel do. The only thing is, I don’t quite understand what her motive is. Is she trying to take the girls down because she is jealous of their friendship or is it only because she wants to get her hands on their amazing product of ‘One Night Stand’?

Side note: Not too sure if it was a wig or if Salma dyed her hair for the role, but ginger is not her colour!

Honorary Mentions

                OK, I absolutely love From Dusk Till Dawn, but I actually think that my favourite Salma Hayek film may be The Faculty. Again it’s a small role but that makes no difference to me. Her character of Serendipity would be considered intrinsic to the plot of Dogma and she stars in the wonderful anthology film of Tale of Tales (very Grimm’s fairy tale style) which won awards at the Cannes Festival.

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