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I know everyone will say that there are two Quicksilvers and don’t worry, there will be another article later down the line regarding Evan Peters but I wanted to start with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Quicksilver (yes, there is a difference). It never easy to say which one looks more like the original comic version because I guess it’s hard to look like a drawing….


                I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect Aaron Taylor-Johnson to be able to do dark! The sad part is, the plot of this film I can believe genuinely does go on – that people are groomed to commit suicide online. It reminded me a lot of a TV series called Kiss Me First (weirdly, also starring Matt Beard) just a lot darker. Taylor-Johnson was actually downright creepy at times. I think the filming was genius as well, even down to the different grading between the real world and the chatroom settings.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

                I just want to start off by saying how annoyed I was when this film was first released to find out that they had changed the title. It is based on the book Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging – what’s so offensive about the words ‘full-frontal’? (I was more annoyed when they changed The Northern Lights to The Golden Compass but this annoyed me just the same as I had the read the books as teenager). Anyway, to the point of the actual paragraph. I’ll be honest, I went into this film feeling really concerned that Taylor-Johnson was going to have a really dodgy English accent or that they’d made his character of Robbie American. Little did I know until I watched this film and looked him up – HE IS ENGLISH! From what I remember of the book, and I haven’t read it in years, he was a really good choice for Robbie – good looking but not in an overly manicured way.

Nowhere Boy

                For the first 30 minutes, I started to think that this was a film about a boy being told he was going nowhere in life and didn’t think it was about anyone in particular. No way did I expect it to turn out to be a biopic! The bombshell dropped when his aunt calls him John Lennon in anger (you know how parents do when you’re in trouble…always the full name!) Obviously, one of the most important things about films like this is the likeness between the actor and the person they are portraying and, my God, if you look at certain pictures of a young John Lennon, they really did get it right. I have many words to describe Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal of John Lennon but none of them are at all polite and I really hope he wasn’t actually so similar to this.

Honorary Mentions

                I’m not sure how many of you know this, but Quicksilver isn’t the first comic book hero that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has played. He squeezed into the blue-green spandex suit of Kick-Ass back in 2010 in the film of the same name. He has even stepped into drama when playing Vronsky in Anna Karenina alongside Kiera Knightley.

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